Personal Injury

For someone who has become swept up in a personal injury case, it is difficult to know where to turn. These cases often arise in the context of a car or truck crash, and you or a member of your family may have suffered severe, serious injuries. You may not realize fully the extent of your injuries. And there are doctors, insurance companies and other lawyers you have to deal with.

More Than Four Decades Of Experience Helping Individuals

Edwards Law Firm provides the experienced representation you need at times like this. Our attorney has practiced law for more than four decades and has worked on a tremendous variety of cases. We understand the complexity that often lurks within these cases.

Beware Speaking With An Insurance Company

If you have been injured you should speak with an attorney first, before making a statement for an insurance company, as you may make a mistake or misspeak and create a record that the insurance company may use to deny your claim.

Personal injury claims can arise in a very wide range of situations and activities. They are probably most frequently found in connection with an auto accident or tractor-trailer accident, as the forces unleashed in such an accident are unforgiving and leave victims suffering serious and long lasting injuries.

They also can occur walking across a parking lot or climbing stairs, if caused by negligence of the property owner.  The injury may have occurred as medical malpractice, caused by a doctor's negligence. Our attorney has represented clients across a range of cases, varying from motor vehicle accidents to product liability cases involving carbon monoxide poisoning from a defective space heater.

Personal Injury Cases Are Difficult And Complex

All of these situations and many more result in a personal injury or a wrongful death. To recover compensation for these cases, you need to consult with an experienced attorney. Our lawyer has over four decades of legal experience at the highest levels, including serving as United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia. He has worked on numerous cases during that time and he also has served for years as a Senator in the Virginia State Senate.

This impressive level of experience means he can review your facts, determine which law applies and explain the potential outcomes available. Personal injury cases are often complex and demand a skillful presentation of legal arguments to a judge or jury in order to obtain a successful result. Our attorney has the experience and skills you want when you need to file a personal injury claim.

Statutes Of Limitation

Personal injury claims in Virginia are subject to a statute of limitation of two years. This means in most cases you have two years from the time of your injury or accident to file a claim. If you delay too long and that deadline passes, your claim, no matter how valid, is forever barred. Don't make this mistake.

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